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apetito food

Everyone deserves to eat good food. But for the elderly, the vulnerable or those in hospital, eating well can be a challenge.

Good food for everyone

Chicken CasseroleAs a leading provider of frozen meals to hospitals, care homes and local authorities, we know the value of good nutrition more than anyone. We’re committed to providing a wide range of delicious, appealing and nutritionally balanced meals – in a way that’s both convenient and cost-effective for you.

A fresh approach

Our Cook Freeze system means our food is frozen as soon as it’s cooked, locking in the goodness and taste. It’s an easy way to serve great-tasting, nutritious meals.

did you know?

We cater for a very wide range of dietary requirements, including: low fat, gluten-free, ethnic, vegetarian, vegan and texture-modified.

Variety is the spice of life

Texture modified foodOur in-house chefs are passionate about creating meals that people look forward to eating. Using fresh produce, they create dishes that cater for a wide variety of diets.

Innovative products

We invest a lot of time and resources into developing innovative new products. For example, our award-winning texture modified range offers appealing meals to people who find it hard to chew or swallow food.

More convenience, less waste

We provide a huge range of multi-portion, twin portion and individual frozen meals and desserts – allowing you to plan varied, appetising menus easily and on budget.

The assurance you need

We're totally committed to food safety. apetito FoodSafe+ is our own rigorous food safety and quality system which means nothing leaves our factory until it is positively approved by our FoodSafe+ team.

We never compromise on the flavour and quality of our dishes. Everyone works together to make sure each meal and dessert is nutritious, healthy, and nothing less than delicious.

Lisa Kettlety – Quality Assurance Manager