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respect for the planet

We’re committed to minimising our overall impact on the environment and using resources wisely. We do this right across the apetito business – from how we use energy and raw materials to how we deliver nutritious meals to the customer.


Since 2007, apetito has been working to develop the UK's most sustainable production and distribution system - reducing and minimising our impact on the environment. 

As a result we've seen:

  • 40% reduction in carbon*
  • 40% reduction in water usage (litres excluding water in the recipe)*
  • 39% reduction in factory electricity*
  • 32% reduction in diesel* via our computerised transport management, more efficient vehicles and driver training
  • Our returnable crate system has removed 1.1m cardboard boxes per annum

*per unit produced

did you know?

We now direct all our organic waste to an anaerobic digestion plant, where it produces around 150 MWhs of grid electricity a year.