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East Lothian Community Meals

apetito needed to ensure the accurate, affordable and 100% reliable delivery of 550 meals to individuals and 1,700 meals to 19 luncheon clubs, seven days a week throughout East Lothian.

apetito have introduced an increased menu choice of over 60 dishes while their systems, procedures and checking mechanisms ensure a reliable, accurate and responsive service.

Moving clients from a daily hot meal service to a 100% frozen delivery service now means greater freedom for customers. They can select two weeks' worth of frozen meals from the apetito Menu Selector, which are then delivered in one go, ensuring they are not tied to the house waiting for a delivery. The Menu Selector includes a colour photograph of each dish, along with nutritional information. The meals are heated up in a microwave or oven.

The company's team of drivers is trained to not only deliver the meal but also monitor the customer's general well-being as part of the apetito Safe & Sound initiative. The drivers will also place the meals into the freezer if needed. Any change in the customer's day-to-day behaviour or routine is reported. Daily communication and regular meetings are an essential part of the partnership, where apetito's head office Business Support Centre for accounts and billing helps ensure an efficiently run operation.

It's a seamless, streamlined operation which we have found reliable. The quality and range of the food is excellent. We've just completed a customer satisfaction survey and the results were very positive. The change to a frozen meals delivery service has been welcomed by customers who can now choose what they eat and when.

Derek Phaup – Service Manager, East Lothian