Enhancing health and well-being

Enhancing health and well-being

We're proud to serve the most vulnerable people in

society with an ethical and sustainable approach.

From our people to our food and packaging

processes, it informs everything we do.

Nutrition matters to them, so it matters to us

The people you serve require the appropriate nutrition to meet their requirements, which is why our team of chefs work with our in-house Dietitian and Nutritionists to create every apetito recipe.

Emily Stuart,

apetito Dietitian

Phil Rimmer,

apetito Head Chef

Our approach combines nutrition and taste to deliver delightful, nutritious meals to our customers.

We meet the highest nutritional standards

Each and every meal produced at apetito meets the highest nutritional and safety standards.


That includes those set by the British Dietetic Association, National Association of Care Catering, the National Standards for Healthcare Food and Drink and International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative.


We’re helping to combat malnutrition

We are one of the founders and board members
of the Malnutrition Task Force.


Established in 2012, this is an independent group across health, social care and

local government that raises awareness, provides information and offers practical

guidance to help combat preventable undernutrition and dehydration in later life.

Creating energy dense meals

Following our work with the task force, we created our award-winning Mini Meals Extra range smaller portion, energy and nutritionally dense meals. These were developed to help prevent malnutrition for those with a reduced appetite.

Food safety is our number one priority

Our customers need to know the food they eat is safe. Thanks to our accredited safety and traceability process, we know this is the case every time.


Once cooked, our positive release policy means a sample is taken from each batch of food, analysed in our three laboratories, before being released for sale once confirmed safe. We are also able to assure nutritional levels are maintained.

We’re the only caterer to the health and social care sector that has microbiological, chemical and allergen laboratories onsite, all of which are independently compliant by the Campden Laboratory Accreditation Scheme.

Our accredited food safety process

Step 1

At the Farm 

Before the ingredients arrive, we work with suppliers to complete assessments and audits on raw materials

Step 2

In the storage cupboard

We complete around 210 different checks each day on our ingredients

Step 3

In our kitchen 

While cooking, we conduct an additional 2,800 checks each day during the cooking process

Step 4

Before delivery

We test each batch of food we make before it is delivered to customers

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