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apetito introduces the Nutrition Advisory Board

The rapidly ageing population presents many issues for the health and social care sectors. We’ve seen recently how dietary requirements have come to the forefront and issues, such as dysphagia, are now being successfully catered for, ensuring everyone has the option to ‘dine with dignity’.

To help apetito stay ahead of the curve, and offer services that make a real difference to peoples’ lives, we’ve created the Nutrition Advisory Board.

The board’s role is to identify the challenges ahead, guide our thinking and help meet the needs of our customers. The board is made up of independent industry professionals including academics and clinicians, who all specialise in older people’s health, well-being and nutrition.

The board comes together four times a year; discussing the prospects of new products or more effective ways of meeting customers’ expectations.

Jonathan Amies, head of apetito’s Specialist Nutrition team, said, “In recent years we’ve increasingly focused on the needs of people with particular medical conditions. With an ageing population, we believe there will be an increasing call for products and services focused on these individual issues.

“By introducing the Nutrition Advisory Board to help meet the needs of older people or those with special dietary needs, we’re in a great position to continue to make a real difference for our customers.”

The board has several principal purposes. It seeks to help determine the best approach to engaging with key audiences, while also identifying and prioritising issues, topics and challenges. Above all, its role is to challenge apetito on product development and innovations.

Board members include:

  • Margot Gosney (chair)
    • Professor of Elderly Care Medicine, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Jordan Bowen
    • Consultant in Internal Medicine and Geratology Lead Consultant, John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust
  • Elizabeth Mills OBE
    • Independent Consultant
  • Dr Helen Roberts
    • Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant in Geriatric Medicine, University of Southampton
  • Dr Anwesha Sarkar
    • Lecturer in Food Colloids, University of Leeds
  • Raj Senniappan
    • Occupational Therapist, Reading Borough Council Director, Therapies on Thames ltd.
  • Martin Green OBE
    • Chief Executive, Care England