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apetito Long Service Lunch

On 23rd June, a long service lunch was held to honour staff members who have worked at apetito for 20 years or more.

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A long service lunch was held on Friday to honour staff members who have worked at apetito for 20 years or more.
More than 60 employees attended the event, which was organised by chief executive Paul Freeston and included a buffet at the company's offices in Canal Road.
During the event, which was excellently catered for by Phil Rimmer, Head Development Chef, and the New Product Development team, everyone involved got the opportunity to share stories and experiences they’ve had over the years; as well as discussing how the business has changed.
Carol Walton, the second longest serving member at Apetito Trowbridge, which employs 420 people, is celebrating her 40th year at the company and welcomed the start of a new tradition of recognising the contribution of the firm's 'elite' workers.
"It was a lovely occasion and a good way to recognise the contribution the staff have made for the past 20 years or more," said the Dilton Marsh resident.
"The company has changed quite a lot since I started back in 1977. Technology was pretty much non-existent. We used to be called Waldens Wiltshire Foods until we were taken over by Apetito in 1995 and now I am one of the longest serving members here.
"I want to thank Paul for putting this together. He wanted to celebrate the fact that so many people have been here for more than 20 years. He is not part of our elite group yet but he will in two years' time."
The event was very successful and as the group grows to well over 60 members it is becoming an important aspect of what makes apetito.