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Business Unit Conference 2017

30th Jan 2017 Press Release

Last week we held our Business Unit Conference. This was a chance for team apetito to come together to look forward to exciting new launches in 2017. On the first day, attendees took part in a series of workshops, based around the core values of the apetito plate; ‘Ethical and Sustainable,’ ‘Great Food to be Proud of’, ‘A Passion for Service’ and ‘Enhancing Health and Wellbeing’.

Mini Meals Extra,a new range designed to tackle the growing problem of malnutrition was the showcase in the ‘Enhancing Health and Wellbeing’ session. Nutritionist Sue Baic opened the workshop with a discussion on malnutrition, whilst attendees were also given the opportunity to sample the new range of meals.

mini meals extra pasta carbonara
The 'Enhancing Health and Wellbeing’ session showcased the new Mini Meals Extra range.

‘A Passion for Service’ was used to present three digital projects launching in 2017: the new apetito website, the Nutridata app and the Wiltshire Farm Foods mobile ordering system. The workshop gave attendees a chance to experience the new designs first-hand. Feedback was fantastic, as it was clear that each system will greatly enhance both employee and customer experience.

The ‘Great Food to be Proud of’ workshop gave the Clean and Green team a chance to present upon the outcomes of their project. Since 2015 they have been working hard to review our entire range of meals. The ‘clean’ aspect of the project involved working with our suppliers to improve or replace a large number of raw materials, this helping to deliver a better quality finished product. The ‘green’ part focused on improving the nutritional value of meals; salt, sugar and fat were reduced as far as possible. Over 800 products have been improved over the course of the project.

Finally, ‘Ethical and Sustainable’ saw the Trowbridge reception transformed into a farmers market. Here attendees learnt more about the high standards of our produce and also discussed the Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark and the challenges this poses to our business.

ethical and sustainable
The Ethical and Sustainable workshop transformed reception into a farmers market.

The second day of the conference was an opportunity for the teams to present on their plans for 2017. CEO Paul Freeston commended his colleagues;

"our greatest strength at apetito is our people; we have a fantastic team who are completely driven and passionate about what they do. Together we will continue to make a real difference throughout 2017."