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HCA 2019

At apetito we are proud of the food that we create for hospitals and the positive impact it has on the patient health and wellbeing. We work in partnership with NHS to ensure that patients receive a great choice of meals that deliver the nutritionally balanced and cater for conditions such as dysphagia. As part of our partnership with the NHS we are always looking for new innovations to improve patient experience, reduce the cost and time of patient catering and reduce wastage. At HCA 2019 we will be showcasing a new system for our plated meals that is helping transform mealtimes in the NHS.
The system offers significant benefits to NHS trust including:
  •  Increased patient choice
  • Controlled portion size
  • Patients receive nutritionally balanced meal
  • Reduced complexity of catering operations
  • Removes double handling and streamlines service
  • Ensures quality and consistency of the meals
  • No need to plate up on the ward
  • Guarantees patients receive the correct meal
  • Reduced risk of contamination during serving process
  • Reduced wastage compared to multiportion service
  • Streamlines workforce and reduces overall cost of patient catering service.

 The system ensure that patient receive a great meal by offering:
  • A la Carte menu provides more choice
  • Soup, Main and Dessert solutions available
  • Efficient system enables meal ordering closer to service
  • Faster service means patients receive meals at their optimum best
  • Meals served on warm china plate
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination at the point of service
  • More consistent presentation of the meals