Why our food is better

We strive for best taste and quality

Working alongside our nutritionist, our head chef’s energy and passion ensures every meal looks good and tastes delicious! This quest for perfection means that every meal you serve will delight and nourish customers.

Improving our dishes

"I love creating brand new dishes, but I also love improving the meals we already have. Being able to review our catalogue and thinking 'what can I do to make this better' is key."

Phil Rimmer Head Chef
phil rimmer apetito head chef

We pick the best ingredients

Each meal ingredient is handpicked by apetito to ensure the best quality and taste for customers, and the best value for your budget. Our procurement process also allows us to trace every ingredient up and down the food chain.

We lock in nutrition at its best

Every meal is prepped and cooked by our talented chefs, then frozen within an hour to lock in nutrition, freshness and flavour and protect its appearance.
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We meet government initiatives

We meet the requirements of the government buying standards and ensure every recipe meets precise nutritional standards. Our food is also in line with the British Dietetic Association’s and Food in Hospital’s guidelines.
apetito check every meal

We check every meal

No batch of meals are released for sale before our lab technicians have analysed and approved samples as safe. Our dedication to food hygiene means apetito meals are one of the safest catering options available for care homes and hospitals.
apetito roast chicken meal

We cater for all dietary needs

Our wide range of meals has been created to meet the needs of individual patients. We offer an extensive range of energy-dense and healthy-choice options, and meals that are appropriate for those with specific medical conditions and food allergies.

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