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We’re dedicated to supplying quality, nutritious, hospital meals. Create a cost-effective, efficient catering system for your hospital today.

Expertise and experience in hospital meal services

With over 20 years of experience perfecting hospital meals, we are the leading provider of ready prepared meals for patients in the UK.

We supply over 450 hospitals everyday. We are dedicated to supplying quality, nutritious food, creating an efficient catering system, and providing an excellent service.

We are proud to cater for some of society’s most vulnerable. Constantly innovating, we work hard to improve our specialist hospital meals and give patients the nourishment they need to aid their recovery.
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How we make a real difference in healthcare catering

Menus for all dietary needs

Menus for all dietary needs

We create award-winning BDA and IDDSI approved hospital meals that cater for all dietary needs and medical conditions.

A passion for service

A passion for service

Our dedicated Training and Operations team share knowledge, resources and market-leading innovations to support you.

Making mealtimes easy

Making mealtimes easy

We provide high quality patient meals and improve your catering system with a consistent, tailored and cost-effective solution.

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“From the start, the team from apetito came in and carefully helped us manage every aspect of the handover.”

Patient welfare given top priority during the handover
Ongoing support to help improve productivity
Onsite training provided on all elements of food service

Hospital food that caters to special diets

Eating quality, delicious food is proven to aid recovery. This is even more important for those patients with special dietary requirements.

Our texture-modified meals meet IDDSI standards and provide visually appealing, great tasting food for hospital patients with chewing or swallowing difficulties. We’ve also created energy dense smaller meal options to ensure malnourished patients—or those with smaller appetites—get the nutrition they need.

Additionally, our Finger Foods enable those who have difficulties with dexterity to pick up meal components more easily.
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