Hospital meals FAQs

Allergens & Nutrition

Are your premises independently audited?

Are your Texture Modified Meals IDDSI Compliant?

Can you support with allergens and intolerances?

Do you have a Dietitian?

Do your meals meet the variety of health and nutritional needs for my patients?

What measures do you take to ensure your food is safe?


Are your vehicles temperature controlled?

Do you deliver through a third party?

How frequently do you deliver?

How is your food delivered?

What do I do if my freezer breaks down?

What is your business continuity plan for Covid/Brexit?

How it works

Can I try your food before becoming a customer?

Do you cater for special diets?

Do you offer support to help me move over to your service?

Do you work with companies that provide technology platform solutions for bedside ordering?

How many hospitals do you supply?

Is your food ethically and sustainably sourced?

Cooking & Serving

Can you help with my food waste?

Do you offer any training on how to present your meals?

What portion packs do your meals come in?

Will I need additional equipment?

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