Patient health and wellbeing

Supporting patient recovery

Our chef-prepared meals look great, taste great and are packed with goodness to help patients recover.

Providing a wide choice of appetising, nutritious meals is especially important for patient recovery. Ensuring that unnecessarily long hospital stays are avoided and patients are where they want to be – back in their own homes.

Every apetito meal meets precise nutritional standards, in-line with hospital food standards (Food in Hospitals) and the British Dietetic Association (BDA) guidelines.

We’ve also created a wide range of meals to help you choose the correct meal for every patient.

The road to recovery

"The benefits of great eating begin even before the food arrives. Eating better = feeling better."

South Devon Healthcare Trust
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salmon Provencal meal

Special diet range

Our special diet range lets you create varied menus tailored to the needs of individual patients:

  • Healthy balance meals, enriched with calcium and vitamin D
  • Energy-dense options for underweight or malnourished patients
  • Meals to help support the nutritional needs of elderly patients
  • Meals that are low in fat, low in sugar or that have reduced sugar, particularly suited for people with diabetes
puree petite beef in gravy

Texture-modified meals

Our award-winning, texture-modified meals provide dignity for people with swallowing difficulties. All of the softer foods and puréed meals in this range are blended to a consistent texture to meet the National Descriptor Guidelines for dysphagia diets.

Plus, our Purée Petite range provides smaller portions of Category C meals for those who have difficulty swallowing but might be overwhelmed by larger meals.
in house dietitian and nutritionist

Support with specific dietary needs

Your account manager will help you to plan bespoke menus that address the specific nutritional needs of patients. A meal’s suitability for a specific diet is also clearly labelled in our product brochures. Further information on ingredients and nutritional values are listed in greater detail on the product label and on Nutridata — our nutritional database.

apetito ethnic range callaloo saltfish meal

Good food for everyone

We live in a diverse culture, and our range has been designed to ensure everyone can benefit from a tasty, nutritious meal.

You’ll find:

  • Vegan and vegetarian meals
  • Kosher and halal meals
  • Asian, Caribbean and West Indian meals
  • Asian vegetarian and Asian halal meals

Product List

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