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Celebrating 78 years of Meals on Wheels in the UK

Last week we celebrated the great work of our hidden heroes, our Drivers. They deliver more than just a meal; they truly make a real difference to our customers’ lives 365 days of the year.
We serve upwards of 5 million meals per year across the UK through our Services and Local Authorities teams, helping to deliver meals to some of society’s most vulnerable. Running 7 days a week, 365 days per year, we offer a wide range of delicious meals, helping to keep vulnerable adults nourished and hydrated, reducing the risk of malnutrition. Our friendly drivers don’t just deliver our hot meals, they also provide wellbeing checks where they check-in to make sure our service users are happy and well.

“This week is a celebration of the Meals on Wheels service and how it benefits so many of our elderly and vulnerable residents living in the local community. This year we wanted again to create awareness about the service and highlight the great work our hidden heroes, the drivers, do and the difference they make to our clients every day. Not only do they deliver a hot nutritious meal and the benefits this gives them, but they also help ease the effects of isolation and loneliness.”
Rachel Pawley
apetito Field Marketer

Divisional Manager for Local Authorities, Roger Hargreaves, and the Community Meals team were delighted to be involved once again in promoting the real value of Meals on Wheels during last week’s National Meals on Wheels Week organised by the NACC.
The apetito team have been collaborating with many Local Authorities and supporting online events and local radio for the duration to, once again, raise the awareness that Meals on Wheels needs to form part of Social Care packages for our elderly and vulnerable going forward. A daily hot nutritious meal is a great healer to enable many people to recover and stay in their own homes - which is exactly where they want to be!

“I’m so proud to have worked in Meals on Wheels for over 30 years.  In this period, I’ve seen many experiences of how a Meals on Wheels service makes a real difference to many people's lives in the community. Unfortunately, due to local authority budget cuts over the last decade, these vital services have declined and left many people unable to get hot food delivered. It’s certainly a postcode lottery if you can manage to receive a service in the UK; that surely can’t be right!
We all hope one day Meals on Wheels will be there once again for everybody that requires a service in their own home.”
Roger Hargreaves
Divisional Manager for Local Authorities

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