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Dining Events: an easy way to add variety

We're passionate about improving the dining experience of older people: we believe it is more than just how the food tastes. It is also how the food is plated, who the meal is eaten with and the quality of the ingredients. As part of our mission, we’ve partnered with care homes across the UK to create dining events to offer residents more variety in their experience.
Creating more variety sparks new interest in food and is an excellent way to combat fatigue, an important topic we discuss in a previous blog post. In this article, we are going to focus on dining events and offer some inspiration for you to create your own.


If you find you are struggling for ideas, one of the easiest ways is to create a dining event around a national holiday like Easter or Christmas. Alternatively, you could use a day such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day as a basis to create a unique experience for your residents or loved ones.

Relatives’ Day

One of our creative events for this year is Residents Day. This is where we encourage our partners to celebrate residents and relatives with fun filled events and a new exciting menu.
This includes details such as what music to play during the day, activities such as sharing memories through old photographs or a special menu for the day.
All of which is to ensure great food is enjoyed and shared with love ones.

International events

 Another way to add variety to your events is to use another country as inspiration. After all, variety is the spice of life and although we love British classics such as sticky toffee pudding and shepherd’s pie, changing things up to include some international cuisine will help to keep residents interested and excited to sit down; enjoying their meal as a social event, rather than an isolated chore.

How apetito can add variety to your dining table

We have hundreds of nourishing and delicious meals for you to choose from — including classics such as cottage pie and roast beef to exciting international dishes like Lamb curry.
Our team of talented chefs and dietitian work together to ensure all our meals taste great, are nutritionally balanced and are easy to prepare. We have something for everyone:

  • Special diet, including allergen-free meals

  • Vegetarian meals

  • Halal and kosher meals

  • Texture-modified meals

  • Small portion, high protein meals for those with reduced appetite

Order your meals online or contact apetito today to learn how we can help you add more variety to your residents or loved ones meals. Together, we can help combat menu fatigue. 


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