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apetito welcomes Secretary of State’s review into hospital food

apetito, the UK’s leading food supplier to the health and social care sector, welcomes the Secretary of State’s announcement for a review of hospital food, following the recent listeria outbreak.

In addition, apetito is calling for the Secretary of State to ensure the review looks closely at standards and methods of quality control and microbiology testing, as apetito believes food supplied to vulnerable patients in the NHS should follow a positive release policy.

Great hospital food should nourish and aid recovery for all patients, offering a range of choice from highly nutritious, low-calorie foods for those who need them, through to calorie dense products for those who are malnourished.

apetito has strict procedures to ensure its food is one of the safest and highest quality options available in the health sector. Apetito is audited annually against the BRC’s Global Standard for Food Safety, and consistently achieves the highest level of accreditation against this standard.

To ensure this high level of safety, apetito runs two state-of-the-art laboratories at its home in Wiltshire, independently audited and accredited by the Campden Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (CLAS). These labs carry out around 120,000 microbiological tests each year to ensure the highest possible safety standards.
Using these labs, apetito operates a system of positive release to test its food before it is made available for sale. This positive-release policy means it analyses a sample of food from every batch of meals created, and no food is released for sale until the absence of pathogens, such as listeria, is established. This safeguard is one of the great advantages of frozen food over chilled food, which cannot be held for testing due to its limited shelf life.
Paul Freeston, Chief Executive says:

At apetito we’re extremely proud of the measures we have in place to ensure the safety of the food we produce. As a leading provider of meals to hospital patients, we’re acutely aware of the responsibility we have to ensure our food helps to aid recovery and adheres to the highest possible levels of safety. Our top-to-bottom approach to safety, exemplified by our one-site laboratory and positive-release policy, means no batch of food leaves our site without being tested for the absence of pathogens. We believe this means that apetito is one of the safest providers of quality food to the NHS and all of our customers.


Key Facts:

  • apetito has no connection to either of the suppliers concerned and is not implicated in the recent listeria outbreak in any way. 
  • apetito provides food to patients in over 400 NHS hospitals
  • apetito has an on-site laboratory to prevent contamination and is accredited to the highest global standards for food safety.
  • apetito is calling for the Secretary of State to ensure the review looks closely at laboratory testing

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