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Nutrition & Hydration Week 2019- Blog 2

Our top tip today is: if you are struggling to eat enough throughout the day try little and often to increase your calorie intake. 

Struggling to eat enough during the day can lead to malnourishment and unintentional weight loss. One step that can be taken to increase calorie intake is to encourage those with a reduced appetite to eat little and often throughout the day.

While those with a reduced appetite may not want to eat large meals, these people still require significant amounts of key nutrients including calories and protein. Three small meals a day supplemented with snacks that are rich in energy and protein between meals is a simple and effective way to increase dietary intake.

The number of calories and nutrients required will vary depending on the individual’s requirements, however, as a general guideline, adults should incorporate 2-3 portions of protein and 2-3 portions of full-fat dairy per day. Each meal should also contain starchy foods (such as potatoes, rice or bread) and a serving of fruit or vegetables.

Snacks provide energy for your activities through the day and can provide valuable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. However, it is important to remember snacks can also be an extra source of fat, sugar and salt. Some healthy snack ideas include unsalted nuts, dried fruits and yoghurts.



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