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As part of this new global change, we are taking all the necessary measures to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry. Part of this has seen us commence the review of all Texture Modified products which fall in Category B - Category E, and redevelop, where necessary, to meet the IDDSI criteria. This review has identified several areas of improvement we believe are necessary to ensure absolute compliance with the new guidelines. Our Product Development team, in collaboration with other members of the business, is continuing to work on these redevelopments to ensure absolute compliance and patient safety.

This process involves:
  • Recipe changes and reformulation
  • Sourcing of new raw materials
  • New production processes
  • Label redesign

Label redesign

To support the smooth transition, we will be dual labelling our Texture Modified range with the current National Dysphagia descriptor information, and the new IDDSI information until the framework is common knowledge.


In addition to product modifications and label changes, we will also be supporting the transition with a training programme to allow customers to educate all staff involved in the ordering, cooking and serving of our products. This will provide the basis they need to become educated and informed with the new framework, enabling a smooth changeover.


Compliance Date Product Range National Descriptor IDDSI Level
September 2018 New Puree Petite and Toast Products Category C Level 4
October 2018 Remaining Puree Petite meals including breakfasts, snacks and desserts compliant Category C Level 4
October 2018 Soup products compliant Category B Level 3
December 2018 Full Range Compliant Category E Level 6
December 2018 - January 2019 Full range Category D Level 5
December 2018 - January 2019 Puree Classic Category C Level 4

By following this line of activity, we will ensure all of our customers are confident and compliant with IDDSI by the April 2019 deadline.

We will be publishing more information here regarding our product changes, compliance updates, and training support documents.

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