Mini Meals Extra

When you need more but want less

Our experts have worked to develop a range that even those with a reduced appetite would enjoy whilst helping them towards getting the sustenance they need.

Ideal for those with reduced appetites

"It's so important that meals are nutritious...but also look and taste great as well as being a manageable portion size."

Helen Willis apetito Dietitian
helen willis

The impact of malnutrition

Malnutrition is a serious issue that impacts every aspect of a person’s life, including overall sociability and mental wellbeing. It can often lead to a feeling of isolation, not to mention the added health risks associated with this debilitating condition.

Our new energy dense range, Mini Meals Extra works towards combatting the effects of malnutrition to help meet the dietary requirements of those in need.

Our solution

At apetito we know that a good meal is one of the most important things to aiding recovery and contributes dramatically to a patient or resident’s everyday wellbeing. Our experts worked to develop a range that even those with a reduced appetite would enjoy whilst helping them towards getting the sustenance they need.

Mini Meals Extra are ideal for those with reduced appetites including:

  • Those living with dementia
  • Those that need to maintain or put on weight
  • Those that need nourishment after treatment

mini meals extra pasta carbonara
Mini Meals Extra Fish Hotpot

Our new Mini Meals Extra dishes may be small but are energy dense, containing 500 calories and at least 20g of essential protein* to help your patients and residents towards their nutritional needs and combat malnutrition.

These energy dense meals can be cooked in multiple ways at any time of the day allowing you to offer a more flexible eating schedule to those that need it.

By having an energy dense meal in a smaller portion, you eliminate the need to carve up larger meals or throw away uneaten food, helping to reduce waste.

* Range contains 501 - 522 calories and at least 20g of protein

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