Hot Meals on wheels FAQs

Hot Meals on Wheels FAQs

How it works

How can I order?

  • Once you sign up to the service, you will continue to receive meals unless you request to amend or cancel the service.There is no contract and you can amend or cancel at any time.

How do I pay for the meals?

  • apetito’s default payment method is Direct Debit as this is the easiest and most secure method.
  • It is also possible for a relative or friend to pay for your meals on your behalf. All we need is their name, address and permission. We can set you up on a direct debit as soon as you commence the service.

Is your service flexible?

  • Yes. You can tailor our service to fit your needs. We can deliver anywhere between one and seven days per week, at your request.
  • We can suspend the service for a short amount of time upon your request and start with one day’s notice. If you want to cancel a meal on the day of delivery, just let us know by 10am on the required day, and we’ll ensure that your meal is not deliveredand the charge is removed.

What is the food offering?

  • Our standard offering is a two-course hot lunch. The service is flexible and you can choose if you would like a starter and a main course or a main course and a pudding. You’re welcome to have all three if you like for a small additional charge.
  • We have over 200 meals in our product range and you can choose from a menu of up to five main courses and three puddings per day.

What is the service?

  • We deliver delicious and nutritious hot lunches to members of the local community 365 days per year.
  • Our service best suits those who are, for whatever reason, unable to cook for themselves, for example, just come out of hospital. Our service helps to keep you safe and healthy within the comfort of your own home.

What is the Welfare Check?

  • All of our friendly and professional delivery drivers are enhanced DBS checked and are trained to carry out basic wellbeing and safety checks when they deliver your meals, giving you peace of mind. For this reason, we need to see you in order to deliver the meals.
  • We will always keep a next of kin contact details in case we have any concerns or there is no reply at the door.


How does the delivery work?

  • There is no delivery cost with our service. Your meal is delivered hot and ready to eat when we deliver since it is cooked in our innovative award-winning chefmobils en route to you. You can choose how you would like your meal delivered – we can plate up your meal and fetch your cutlery and a glass of water upon request, or we can provide a doorstep delivery.
  • Every member of our team has received comprehensive training on diet and nutrition, including the needs of people with dementia. So you can rest assured that you, or your loved ones will receive a reliably delivered meal of exceptional quality, delivered with care.

What if I can’t get to the door?

  • Many of our customers have limited mobility and so cannot get to the door when we come to deliver. This is not a problem since our drivers are used to using key-safe access to customers’ properties upon their request. Our drivers will always wear an identification badge and call out when they enter the house, so you can rest assured that you know who is in your property.

What time is the delivery?

  • We offer a lunch time service, so your meals will be delivered between 11am and 2:30pm, depending on where your address fits in with our delivery round. Once you start the service, we can give you a better time of when your delivery is likely to arrive.

Allergens & Nutrition

What diets can you cater for?

  • We offer a variety of nutritious soups, main meals and desserts, 7 days a week – 365 days a year. Our menus include dishes from low fat, low salt, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and our award-winning texture modified meals for those who require softer foods.
  • View our wide variety of ranges.