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How our nursery meal delivery service works

We work hard to ensure your mealtimes run smoothly from the start, building our nursery meal service around your needs.

A flexible nursery meal service

Our simple solution offers nutritious high quality nursery meals every time, whilst also saving you time and money

Training and support

You’ll be fully trained on how to use our service: from cooking the food to plate presentation and portion control.

Menu planning

Our online order service my apetito allows you to plan menus, review nutritional content and place your order.

Free delivery

Our friendly team will then deliver your meals to you on an agreed day, completely free!


Simply remove the meals you need from the freezer and follow the cooking instructions provided on the lid.

Dinner time

Remove your meals from the oven, check the temperature, and serve!


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Ongoing support for you and your nursery

  • Full training on how to use our service and best practice
  • Regular menu reviews to keep things fresh
  • Fun, interactive sessions to help kids develop healthy eating habits
  • Support to ensure dietary requirements are met
  • Offer support and information for parents

What our partners say

leslie reedieleslie reedie

apetito is a quick and efficient system we know suits our needs and brings us peace of mind.

As we continue to grow and expand apetito will naturally come onboard with any further nurseries we bring on.

Lesley Reedie

Owner of Wellingtons Regents Day Nurseries, Rugby

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