Food waste management

Want to reduce your waste?

With apetito, you can significantly reduce the food waste associated with preparing and serving in a large-scale catering environment.


Preserve quality, reduce food waste

Because our dishes are frozen within an hour of being made, nutrition, freshness and flavour are locked in to every meal. Plus they have a significantly longer shelf life than fresh or pre-prepared chilled meals.
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Cook what you need, when you need it

Our meals come in flexible portion sizes including multi-portion, twin-portion and individually-plated meals to help you meet fluctuating demand.

Simply prepare and serve the number of portions you need, when you need them.
 Clean plates every time means less waste.

Variety and choice ensure clean plates every time

apetito's extensive range of over 200 meals and desserts is carefully crafted to suit every taste, culture and special dietary need. That includes texture-modified meals for people with difficulty swallowing.

This means you’ll have no trouble offering a varied, exciting and changing menu, featuring delicious, nutritious food that everyone can enjoy.

Clean plates every time means less waste.

Reducing your waste

We’ve seen a 5% reduction in food waste and costs – mostly because our residents prefer eating food that’s made by apetito.

Bernadette Howley Manager of Bankfield Care Home
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