Resident health and well-being

Caring for your residents

Good nutrition and providing an enjoyable dining experience are central to promoting good health and wellbeing among residents.

lisa from apetito with a care homes resident

Looking after health

Serving tasty, nutritious meals helps to protect residents from becoming malnourished or ill, with less chance that they'll skip mealtimes. Our chefs work with qualified dietitians to ensure our meals not only taste great but are packed with goodness.

However, we don't just rely on our chefs to ensure our meals are appetising. We regularly provide tasting sessions for residents and take on board their comments.

Looking after your residents

"Most importantly, with apetito, the meals are directly improving the health and wellbeing of our residents, who are gaining weight."

Claire Watson Director of Howard Lodge & Dudbrook Hall
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roast chicken with red cabbage and potatoes

Catering for special diets

Our special diet range lets you create varied menus tailored to the needs of individual residents:

  • Healthy balance meals, enriched with calcium and vitamin D
  • Energy-dense meals for underweight/malnourished residents
  • Meals that are low in fat and low in sugar, suitable for people with diabetes
  • A range of meals free from 12 out of the 14 known allergens
category c pureed chicken and gravy

Texture-modified meals

Our texture-modified meals are award-winning and provide dignity to people with swallowing difficulties. All of the meals in this range are blended to a consistent texture to meet the National Descriptor Guidelines for dysphagia diets.  For those who are overwhelmed by larger portions, our Pureed Petite range provides smaller portions of Category C meals for those who have difficulty swallowing but don’t want a big plate of food.
in house dietitian and nutritionist

Nutritional advice and support

Your account manager will help you to plan bespoke menus that address the specific nutritional needs of patients. A meal’s suitability for a specific diet is also clearly labelled in our product list, and its ingredients and nutritional values are listed in greater detail on the label and on Nutridata, our nutritional database.
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Looking after wellbeing

As the leading provider of care home meals, we know the importance of mealtimes. Good food isn’t just about nutrition, it can connect people; and for many residents, coming together around a meal will be the highlight of their day.
That’s why we provide such a wide range of food, with something for everyone to enjoy.
coconut fish ethnic meal

Multicultural food

We live in a diverse culture, and our menu reflects this, ensuring every one of your residents can look forward to a familiar, comforting dish. Along with home-from-home favourites such as cottage pie and roast dinners.

You'll find:

  • Vegan and vegetarian meals
  • Kosher and halal meals
  • Asian, Caribbean and West Indian meals
  • Asian vegetarian and Asian halal meals