Safe meal deliveries

Deliveries you can rely on

Whatever community meal service you choose, you can rely on us to provide efficient, safe delivery.

meals on wheels driver delivering to customer

Trained and trusted delivery drivers

Our drivers are local people who genuinely care about your customers. They’re trained to check residents’ wellbeing and bring meals on wheels with a smile.

Every one of our drivers undergoes an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check, and they’re trained in food safety and customer service. They also wear branded uniforms and badges, so they're easily identified.
meals on wheels driver delivering to customer

Reliable meal deliveries

We’re proud to say that 99% of our orders are delivered accurately and on time. So, should you choose a meal-only delivery option, you can expect reliable, professional deliveries and a system that makes it easy to check and safely store your orders.

Our innovative Chefmobil delivery vehicle is part of our full service and is an option in our ‘meal and equipment’ service.

It incorporates state-of-the-art ovens that heat the meals en route, ensuring each meal arrives at optimum temperature and nutritional value.

The equipment is simple to use, plus there’s a built-in system that captures data for a complete audit trail.

Plus, Chefmobil can deliver more meals per round than other standard hot meal delivery vehicles, helping you to meet high demand and saving you considerable money.

apetito Chefmobil

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