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chewing or swallowing difficulties

Intro to blog 

Foods to Avoid with Dysphagia  

We’d like to put your mind at ease as to what someone living with dysphagia or swallowing difficulties should or shouldn’t be eating.

Signs and Symptoms of Malnutrition

This article focuses on the signs and symptoms of malnutrition and what to do to help you or a loved one manage it.

What to Eat with Swallowing Difficulties 

If you are finding it difficult to swallow food, we suggest the steps you should take and provide guidance on the best foods to eat.

Easy Purée Foods for Adults

We wanted to share a few tips to reassure you that adapting to a textured modified diet can be easy and enjoyable with the right information.

IDDSI Food Tests

We detail some of the food tests that can be used to test that food is the right texture for different levels of swallowing difficulty.

Living with Dysphagia

From diagnosis to understanding which foods are safe to eat, we have created a guide to help, share tips and advice on living with dysphagia.