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Apetito Care Home Lifestyle Fine Dining

Save you money

Managing costs alongside care can be challenging. We can ensure your kitchen runs smoothly and cost effectively.
  • No need for a large catering team whilst ensuring quality and consistency.​

  •  Reduced food wastage – only cook what you need and save the rest for another day.​

  •  No need for a large commercial kitchen which are costly to maintain and take up space.

Guarantee your resident's nutrition

​All our dishes are crafted by our in-house chefs and dietitian to be nutritionally balanced meeting CQC & NACC guidelines.

  • Award-winning, IDDSI compliant Texture Modified meals.​

  • Easy Access to all nutritional information through our online ordering tool.​

  • Over 200 meals to meet every dietary need, from specialist diets to religious preferences.

Apetito staff
Apetito Care Home Lifestyle Fine Dining

Enhance your dining experience

Not only do we deliver on the quality of each meal we make, but also on the quality of the dining experience. Every resident deserves to be well nourished and dine with dignity.
  • Plate presentation training for your team.​

  •  Personalised menu and restaurant design.​

  •  Dining environment review.

Let us come to you

Introducing our new mobile kitchen, the apetiser! With a fully equipped kitchen, the apetiser allows us to come to your care home and deliver a great tasting experience for your staff and residents to enjoy, where they will get the opportunity to try our delicious food. We can do all of this without the need to step a foot in your care home.

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the apetiser

The people we support love the food and the choice that us using apetito gives them. Working with apetito has given all our homes the ability to manage our catering so effectively; helping to reduce wastage, manage our budgets and reduce risk of allergens and choking, all the while delivering nutritious meals and dining experience that our residents love.

Phil Benson, Regional Operations Manager - Community Integrated Care

Our partnership with MPS Care

“apetito helped us in cost reduction by re-evaluating our labour model and how we could reduce the time taken with our catering. - Joel Gray, CEO
  • Helped with cost reduction through an improved labour model
  • Driving catering efficiency and reduced wastage
  • Enhancing budget control and visibility on spend

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