Where our food comes from

Supporting British food and farming

We’re committed to a sustainable business - a business that helps local economies thrive while providing good quality food that’s healthy and safe.

We strive to preserve natural resources, protect the welfare of farmed animals and work hard to source our food from local or British suppliers, and from suppliers who share our commitment to improving the world we live in.

Alec Jarrett meat Alec Jarrett meat

Alec Jarrett Meat

Alec Jarrett is a family business, trading since 1926. Based in the West Country, not far from our kitchens, they use over 800 acres of prime agricultural countryside to guarantee the quality of their meat.


Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

Marshfield Farm Ice Cream have been making ice cream for over 35 years. They use regenerative and sustainable farming methods to produce their multi-award winning ice cream. 

Hartley’s vegetables Hartley’s vegetables

Yorkshire Greens Peas and Carrots

Yorkshire Greens are one of our vegetable suppliers, providing us primarily with peas and carrots. They take an impressive approach to improving its environmental impact by having a carbon-neutral processing and packing facility.

Looking after the environment

All the fish we use in our Wiltshire kitchens is sustainable, as specified by the Marine Conservation Society, also, 100% of the wild fish we source is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Safety and quality control among suppliers

We expect the same high standards of quality control in our suppliers as we do of ourselves. All of our suppliers are expected to maintain a Grade A standard against the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety or its equivalent. We visit, audit and approve each supplier and provide agreed codes of practice. 

We have a dedicated team that can trace the source of every ingredient we use up and down the food chain. This is a vital process to guarantee the safety and quality in all of our food. The same product tracing ability is expected from our suppliers.

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