Introducing 5 new Pureed meals, to provide the best ever mealtime experience for those experiencing swallowing difficulties.

Our award-winning Texture Modified range continues to improve the mealtime experience for those living with dysphagia and bring dignity back to dining. Our talented chefs and dietitians have enhanced our Level 4 Puree meals to look tastier than ever before and continues to meet IDDSI guidelines - with our Textured Modified range fortified and bursting with appetising flavours to provide safe and nutritious options for those living with swallowing difficulties.

We are proud to introduce our three best ever meals with new flavoured gravies in the Lamb in Mint Gravy, the Chicken in Rich Gravy and the Chicken & Vegetable Casserole. These three new flavours include a flavoured gravy which brings the different elements of the meal together with a desirable texture to provide the best mealtime experience for those on a Level 4 diet.

The visual appearance of the food we eat is very important and our new Spaghetti Bolognaise is our greatest example of bringing the dignity back to dining. Our new mould has allowed us to delicately present the Bolognaise sauce sitting on top of the Spaghetti pasta to give that traditional presentation of a comfort food classic.

Our world leading meals continue to improve the dining experience of our Texture Modified range to feature browning elements. Our new Sausages, Chips and Beans features two browned elements within a single meal, with both the chips and sausages a golden brown to make this meal took tastier than ever before. These new developments help to enhance the dining experience for those consuming a level 4 diet.

Find out more about our appetising Puree meals or explore the full TM range for Hospitals and Care Homes here. We offer over 100 delicious and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner available in IDDSI levels 3 to 6.

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