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Finger Foods Range

We understand the specific needs of those living with dementia, and are here to take the challenge out of meals times and promote the independence and dignity of your service users.

A world first in dementia-friendly dining

Finger food bites range shot Finger food bites range shot

Our new Finger Foods range is an innovation in specialist nutrition, designed for those who may struggle to use cutlery, these complete meals can be picked up and eaten with minimal mess

The meals from the range provide a source of protein, a portion of carbohydrates and a minimum 80g portion of vegetables as 1 of your service users 5 a day. These meals give those living with dementia the freedom to feed themselves complete, nutritious meals with dignity.

Person-centered dementia dining

900,000 people currently live with dementia in the UK and this is set to increase to 1 million people by 2025. It is important that we are able to focus on providing those living with dementia with a mealtime solution, to help meet some of the common challenges that these people face. These include dexterity or coordination difficulties, a loss of independence and reduced dignity when dining.

Dining with dignity

Our Finger Foods help to create a positive, inclusive dining experience for those living with dementia, promoting independence and driving self-esteem.

Salmon supreme finger foodSalmon supreme finger food

Homely favourites, without the mess

We have even designed Finger Food versions of comforting casseroles, aromatic curries, and roast dinners that would once have required assistance to eat, but can now be enjoyed independently—leaving minimal residue on the fingers.

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Guaranteed nutrition

Every Finger Food meal is developed by our Chefs, Dietitian and Nutritionist to contain a source of protein, carbohydrates and a portion of vegetables, to help people to eat a variety of foods as part of a balanced diet

Providing a fully balanced diet

Each meal contains a source of protein, a portion of carbohydrates, and at least 80g of vegetables, with plenty of choice on offer to suit a range of dietary requirements.

Our perfected approach helps us meet the Nutritional standards set by the British Dietetic Association, National Association of Care Catering, and the Hospital Foods Standards Panel.

Vegetarian Bolognese Finger FoodVegetarian Bolognese Finger Food

We guarantee the nutritional value of our finger food range. This ensures people who require finger foods are not missing out on vegetables, have more variety in their diet, and feel like they’re eating a true meal.

Emily Stuart
apetito Dietitian

Simple and seamless

Our new Finger Foods range makes catering for those living with dementia and

dexterity issues easier and more convenient than ever.

Chicken Curry Finger FoodChicken Curry Finger Food

Making mealtime easier

Every meal is individually packaged in a standardised portion size, making our finger foods easy to cook and plate, and less likely to cause mess or result in wastage.