The Best Food Quality

The Best Food Quality

Aiming for the best

We only use the best ingredients to create delicious, chef-prepared meals, helping people to eat for health whether they’re in hospital, at home or in care.

apetito Vegan root veg pie main mealapetito Vegan root veg pie main meal

Food for everyone to enjoy

Like you, we want everyone to look forward to meal times, so we’ve created hundreds of tasty meals to suit all tastes, preferences and diets. And we don’t just rely on our enthusiastic chefs to tell us what tastes good. Our customers regularly test our kitchen samples and share their ideas. If a meal doesn’t pass the taste panel, it’s not on the menu!

apetito nutritious meal rangeapetito nutritious meal range

Food that’s healthy and nutritious

Our chefs work hand-in-hand with our in-house dietitian and nutritionist to create a range of delicious meals that caters to a variety of health and nutritional needs, from difficulty swallowing to malnutrition. You can be sure that every apetito meal tastes good, looks good and does good too!

apetito Yorkshire green pea supplier apetito Yorkshire green pea supplier

Food that’s safe and sustainable

Our stringent procurement process means we only source ingredients that we can be proud of in terms of animal welfare, food safety and farm assurance, while ensuring best value for customers. Wherever possible, we support British food and farming and use sustainably sourced ingredients.

Food that only does good

We’re proud of what goes into our meals, but we’re also proud of what’s come out! In recent years, we’ve dramatically reduced our ingredients list to exclude any unnecessary salt, sugar and additives in meals, leaving only those ingredients that contribute positively to our customers’ health and wellbeing.