Efficiency Improvements

Efficiency Improvements

Maximise budgets, Minimise waste

Helping you serve great food on ever-tightening budgets goes right to the heart of what we do.

serving apetito mealsserving apetito meals

Save time

With apetito, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to prepare meals. Our meals are simple to prepare and can be cooked in conventional ovens or trolleys to suit your needs.

This hassle free approach can free up precious time on hospital wards and in care homes.

Controlling Our Waste and Costs

"The kitchens now operate more efficiently. We're seeing a much better control of costs, including lower wastage."

Facilities Manager

Powys Hospital

hospital testimonialhospital testimonial

Minimise waste

Our cook-freeze solution means the meals have a longer shelf life than pre-prepared chilled meals, and they’re packed in flexible portion sizes (multi-portion, twin-portion and individually plated), so you only need to heat what you need, when you need it.

Labour savings

If you’re finding it a challenge to recruit and retain good quality cooks, then switching from an in-house chef to apetito will eliminate this concern and help you manage costs with more certainty.

Our chefs do the bulk of the preparation, so you only need to heat and serve the meals from your kitchen, reducing staff requirements and preparation time significantly. We’ll provide all the training and support you need.

Easier stock-control

We deliver your orders in environmentally-friendly plastic crates, labelled by week and meal sitting, which makes it easier for you to check and store your stock delivery.
Your apetito delivery driver will collect your empty plastic crates, saving you the hassle and cost of recycling cardboard.

Less kitchen space needed

"Using apetito means we need less kitchen space - this allowed us to create a new room for an extra resident!"

Steve Geach

Owner - Oak View and Willow Lodge Care Homes, Hampshire

Steve GeachSteve Geach
Hands on laptopHands on laptop

Streamlined ordering

Along with our customer service support, you’ll benefit from our online ordering facility available 24 hours a day, where you can save order templates to match your menu cycles. This means placing orders can be as simple as pressing a button.

We can also work with you to integrate your existing purchase order requirements into our own system.

On-demand hospital meal service

Our wide range of individually-plated meals, CarteChoix allows you to take patients’ food orders closer to mealtimes when they’re more likely to know what they want to eat. The meals can be heated within five minutes close to the ward; ensuring patients get hot, tasty, nutritious meals with minimal fuss.