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Free From Range

Our Free From meals offer delicious meals that are free from all 14 of the main allergens, with no compromise on flavour, or taste.

Free from all 14 of the main allergens including:

14 main allergens chart14 main allergens chart

Our Free From meals do not contain onion and garlic. Great care is taken to

exclude these ingredients totally, although occasionally very small traces may be

detected through scientific analysis.

Allergen free meals you can trust

apetito's onsite laboratoriesapetito's onsite laboratories

Thoroughly tested

All meals are carefully

prepared, with each

batch tested in our on-site

laboratories before it’s sent out.

Guaranteed Allergen freeGuaranteed Allergen free

Safe to serve

Our Free From meals are

guaranteed to be

allergen free, right up to

the point of serving.

Detailed food labellingDetailed food labelling

Clear labelling

All of our labels include

detailed cooking

instructions so that you can

be sure of a safe meal, every time.

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What our Free from range includes

Free From meals

Serve delightful flavours including Roast Lamb in Minty Gravy and Chilli Con Carne, free of allergens.


We are also able to provide Vegan and Vegetarian options too, such as our Provençale Vegetable Bake.

Allergen Free Roast Lamb in Mint GravyAllergen Free Roast Lamb in Mint Gravy
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