Main Range

Main Range

A huge selection of mains, soups, sides and desserts

created to sustain and nourish customers

What makes our main range special?

Freshly Prepared

Our chefs use only the freshest, nutritious ingredients; without compromising taste.

Combats Menu Fatigue

Choose from over 200 delicious soups, mains, sides and desserts—all nutritionally balanced.


Every batch of food is tested in our on-site laboratory to guarantee full allergen control.

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What our main range includes



Serve cooked breakfasts with all the home favourites - sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs and more.


All simple to store ahead of time and cook as soon as they’re needed.


Traditional breakfast optionsTraditional breakfast options
apetito Tomato soupapetito Tomato soup



Start your dining experience with our range of delicious soups.


Our nourishing soups contain a minimum 100kcals and 3g protein per portion. 

Main Meals


Delight those you serve, every day.


From homely favourites such as cottage pie to curries and mouthwatering fish dishes like our Salmon Tagine, you’ll never need to worry about menu fatigue with our main meals.

apetito Salmon Tagineapetito Salmon Tagine
Vegan Root Veg pieVegan Root Veg pie

Vegetarian and Vegan Main Meals


Lentil Bolognaise, Vegetarian Sausage Casserole and our Vegan Root Veg Pie are just some of the delicious vegetarian and vegan main meals available in our main range.

Side dishes


Complement your main meals with a broad range of vegetable, potato and rice side dishes.


From simple additions such as peas and carrots to more colourful choices like Mediterranean Veg with Pecorino Cheese and Basil Butter, it’s easy to add variety to your meals.

Courgette arrot asparagus with parsley butterCourgette arrot asparagus with parsley butter
apetito apple crumbleapetito apple crumble

Hot and Cold Desserts


Pies, crumbles, sponges, puddings, cooked fruit and custard: our range of hot desserts has something for everyone.


We also offer a range of cakes and cold desserts - including trifle, cheesecake, and of course, ice cream.

Vegetarian  Vegan  Low fat Gluten free  Easy to chew Energy dense  Healthier Choice

We also provide low salt, low sugar and reduced sugar options for many of our ranges.

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