Our Ethnic range

We live in a diverse culture of changing taste, and this is reflected in our Ethnic menu.

Meals to suit everyone’s needs and tastes

Our popular selection of ethnic meals include Asian and African-Caribbean food. It also caters to those who require specific diets to reflect their religious beliefs. You'll find kosher meals, halal meals and Asian vegetarian means within this range.

Meals that promote inclusivity

Extensive selectionExtensive selection

Extensive selection

Our extensive Ethnic range includes

exceptional food to suit a range of

dietary needs.

Authentic dishesAuthentic dishes

Authentic dishes

We work hard to ensure our meals

are as culturally identifiable

as they are delicious.

Halal and KosherHalal and Kosher

Halal and Kosher

Authentically cooked delicious Halal

meals with meat sourced from a

certified halal supplier.

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What our Ethnic range includes

Kosher Shepherds pieKosher Shepherds pie

Kosher main meals and desserts

A host of firm family favourites from Sheperd's Pie to Beef in Gravy, all completely kosher.


Provide residents, patients and children with a tasty dish safe in the knowledge that it is in accordance with traditional Jewish law.

Caribbean and West Indian meals

Authentic wood smoked Jerk Chicken. Family favourite Ackees, Saltfish, Yam & Sweet Potato. Flavoursome Mutton Curry. These are just a few of our most popular dishes.


Derived from a fusion of several exotic cuisines we hope to transport your taste buds.

chicken curry and white ricechicken curry and white rice
Coconut Fish and Saag Chhole with Pulao RiceCoconut Fish and Saag Chhole with Pulao Rice

Asian Halal main meals

We have a delicious range of authentically cooked halal meals.


Each dish has its own unique sauce and is prepared using the finest ingredients. All our meat is sourced from a Halal certified supplier.

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