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Our ranges let you easily identify meals for every taste and nutritional need - and with such appealing choices, you can mark an end to menu fatigue.

apetito roast chicken meal

Main range

Our main range features a huge selection of nourishing and delicious soups, mains, sides and desserts. With hundreds of items to choose from, you’ll find something for everyone, including homely favourites such as roast chicken and cottage pie to delicious fish dishes and curries. Our talented chefs and dietician work together to continually add to and improve our menu, ensuring every meal looks appetising, tastes great and is nutritionally balanced.
apetito salmon provencale meal

Special diets

We offer a wide range of meals for people with special dietary requirements, including energy-dense meal options for underweight/malnourished patients, low-sugars and low-fat meals, vegan and vegetarian options, and meals appropriate for those with food intolerance and allergies, including gluten-free meals.
apetito category C puree chicken in gravy meal


Our award-winning, texture-modified meals provide appetising food and dignity to people with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).
Coconut fish

Ethnic range

We live in a diverse culture with changing tastes, and this is reflected in apetito’s Ethnic menu. Our popular selection of ethnic meals includes authentic Asian and African-Caribbean food. It also caters those who require a specific diet to accord with religious beliefs. You’ll find kosher meals, halal meals and Asian vegetarian meals within this range.
carte choix chicken breast meal


Our individually-plated meal range, CarteChoix, allows patients to choose what they want to eat much closer to meal times, when they’re more likely to know what they want. Staff can simply re-heat the patient’s choice of meal and dessert within five minutes. Offering our wide variety of CarteChoix meals can help reduce waste while aiding recovery with a nutritious hot meal.
apetito mini meals extra ham and leek bake

Mini Meals Extra

Our new Mini Meals Extra portions may be small but they’re packed full of calories and at least 20g of essential protein* combat the effects of malnutrition, ensuring your patients receive the energy and nutrition they need for good health and wellbeing. The range is ideal for people with reduced appetites, including those living with dementia and patients needing extra nourishment after treatment.
Sweet and sour chicken

Free From

For your peace of mind, our Free From range offers delicious meals that are free from all 14 known allergens, with no compromise on flavour and choice.

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