Texture Modified food and dysphagia diets range

This range helps people with swallowing difficulties enjoy mealtimes again. Each meal is carefully prepared to provide the nutrients they need in portion sizes and textures that suit their needs.

Our Award-Winning Texture Modified Meals

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Our meals are IDDSI compliant, with textures that reduce the risk of choking and aspiration pneumonia.

Prevent malnutrition

Prevent malnutrition

Our carefully devised menu means everyone can receive a great meal and the right nutrition.

Taste great

Taste great

We create meals that look and taste delicious, helping people look forward to mealtimes again.

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Leading the way for texture modified food

We have worked hard to ensure all our Texture Modified meals comply with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI).

Providing meals for IDDSI levels 3-7, we ensure you can serve food that is safe, tasty and nutritious—giving you complete peace of mind.
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What our Texture Modified range includes

Chicken biriyani

Regular and easy to chew meals

IDDSI Level 7

Our main range features a number of level 7 regular and easy to chew meals, including Quiche Lorraine, Vegetable & Coconut Curry and more.

These are soft and tender everyday foods that can be easily mashed with either a spoon or a fork.

Soft and bite-sized meals

IDDSI Level 6

Our Level 6 meals are soft and tender, though require some chewing.

Food ingredients are cut into smaller pieces no larger than 15mm and can be mashed with a fork. Any gravy or sauce is of a thick consistency.

Salmon supreme
Rich beef stew

Minced and moist meals

IDDSI Level 5

Our level 5 meals are mashed to be tender and moist.

The pieces are equal to or less than 4mm width and no more than 15mm in length. This means they need very little chewing.

Any gravy or sauce is of a similar consistency to the rest of the meal.

Puréed meals

IDDSI Level 4

Our Purée Petite meals offer a smaller portion size for those with a reduced appetite.

They all contain at least 500Kcal per and a minimum of 16g protein per meal.

Vegetarian all day breakfast
Cottage pie

Classic Puréed meals

IDDSI Level 4

Our standard portion size Level 4 meals, desserts and sandwiches have a smooth texture and do not require any chewing.

They are moulded to resemble the food they represent and hold their shape even after cooking. They are puréed and can be eaten with a fork or spoon.


IDDSI Level 3

These great tasting, nutritious soups have a smooth, thin and uniform consistency.

Our puréed soups are a source of protein; containing more than 8g of protein and more than 230Kcal.

Carrot Soup
Phil Rimmer


There are now over 85 meals for people with dysphagia and behind it all was the ethos; great cookery and really good ingredients. 

Phil Rimmer,
apetito Head Chef

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