MPS Care Group

MPS Care Group

MPS Care Group prides itself on providing a comfortable, safe, and homely environment for all its residents—but food budgets and consistent food quality posed a challenge.

How we helped MPS Care

Increased efficiency

Saved time and money

Improved dining experience

In March 2019, MPS’ CEO, Joel Gray, moved 12 of their homes over to apetito’s meals.


He explains what motivated the move and the benefits the group has seen since.

Cooking from scratch caused overspend

Prior to moving to apetito, all 12 of MPS Care Group’s care homes were cooking their meals from scratch.


The care group was finding it increasingly difficult to keep every home to a defined food budget, with half of its homes overspending by more than 25% per resident. The food quality was variable from home to home as a result.


With no set monitoring procedures in place, there was also a significant concern around guaranteeing the nutritional value of the food.

Chicken ChasseurChicken Chasseur

Why MPS Care Group chose to move to apetito

Ginger Pudding Ginger Pudding

MPS Care Group wanted to streamline efficiencies in its catering operation. The aim was to reduce cost, waste and labour, whilst improving quality in the dining experience.


This would allow the company to repurpose labour and staff resources from the kitchen into frontline care, to improve the resident experience by having more carers available..

How has changing to apetito helped?

Since moving to apetito as their care homes meal supplier, MPS Care Group have:

Saved costs by re-evaluating their labour model

Reduced the time taken with their catering service

Increased efficiencies and improved meal quality

Joel GrayJoel Gray

Without doubt we have seen improvements in efficiency and have saved time and money yet at the same time have improved our residents’ dining experience. We’re running a leaner operation and the quality of life for both residents and staff has significantly increased across our homes.

Joel Gray,

Reduced hours in the kitchen

By introducing apetito into its homes, MPS Care Group was able to reduce the hours required in the kitchen.


apetito meals do not require a full kitchen team, enabling MPS to add more care staff directly to the front line.


Better engagement with residents

Lady receiving cup of tea Lady receiving cup of tea

The money MPS Care Group has saved since making the change enabled them to improve other areas of their facilities.


Most importantly, they were able to put more care staff on the floor to engage with residents, plus more fabric changes within the homes.

Guaranteed, consistent quality across homes

apetito has enabled MPS Care Group to guarantee the quality of the food that they serve.


It means they can be confident all 12 of their care homes produce a consistently outstanding meal time experience, for every resident.

Savoury Minced BeefSavoury Minced Beef