Salford Royal Hospital

Salford Royal Hospital

Working in partnership with Salford Royal Hospital, apetito’s Training and Operations team successfully managed the handover, met patients’ complex dietary needs, provided onsite training and improved productivity.

Patients need meals. All day. Every day. Salford Royal Hospital relied on apetito to transition over to cook-freeze catering smoothly and seamlessly. apetito managed every aspect of the handover with the catering team - from improving the menu range and providing options to suit specialist dietary needs, to enhancing mealtime service and overall efficiency.

The tender process

Julie Griffiths, Catering Manager at Salford Royal Hospital explains the challenges Salford Royal were facing with their catering operations and how apetito were chosen as the new supplier to help overcome these difficulties:

“The kitchen was failing; we’d kind of put plasters on things. Part of the tender process was to go and see suppliers to learn more about what they do and how they do it. 

“We looked at three providers, apetito being one of them, and out of the three, apetito was the best. Even how they treated staff became apparent, treating them far better than the other suppliers. So, we looked at the options, went to tender, and apetito was the preferred provider.”


Once apetito had been chosen as the new food supplier for Salford Royal Hospital, they received dedicated support from the apetito team, including Training & Operations Managers, to train hospital staff and manage the mobilisation process. Julie then explains how apetito supported the changeover to the new system. 

“A team of apetito employees came in from different backgrounds, and just picked us up and dragged us along, because as the changeover happens you have to feed these patients. There is nothing else you can do, the day you change over, these patients still need feeding! And it did feel like we didn’t really know what we were doing, so without the support from apetito, it would definitely not have happened as well as it did.”

On-going support

All apetito customers receive dedicated support from both their Catering Consultant and Training & Operations Manager, as well as from the wider apetito business, with an assigned Customer Service Advisor, and company Dietitians and Nutritionists who are available to support customers with nutritional enquiries, advice and guidance. 

Julie explains the on-going support Salford Royal received after their mobilisation day.

“After the changeover day, the support from apetito then continued. They didn’t just go home, but came back the next day. It was really difficult, but without that support it wouldn’t have happened, or it wouldn’t have been as smooth. Even now, the support that we receive, wasn’t there before. The support is really high up in terms of what we need, and what keeps us moving forward - whether it’s improving productivity, or training in plate presentation.”

Improved operations

Since moving over to apetito, Salford Royal Hospital have been able to improve their catering operations by streamlining their processes, improving efficiency and productivity. Transitioning from a fresh-cook system to cook-freeze, they have also been able to reduce kitchen space needed.

“So from the changeover we got a rebuild of the kitchen. As a Trust, they were able to reduce the floor space by about a third, so they could give that back to clinical,” Julie explains. 

“To cook the amount of meals for an 830 bed hospital, twice a day, it was great big heavy bags of things, which does take a toll on staff. Since changing to apetito, there is so much difference to staff. It’s a cleaner system now, they’re not wet round the middle, they don’t have wet feet, there’s not as much washing up involved from our side, and they’re not having to lift the weights that they were lifting. 

“Just to put something in perspective, we’ve got one of our members of staff that was really struggling with an injury that came and said, ‘I think I’m going to have to retire, I really am struggling this much with the amount of work we are doing.’ We changed over to apetito and about three months ago I passed the kitchen to hear somebody singing, and as I stuck my head in it was this member of staff. So just the toll from the body is gone now, and it is a lot more staff friendly than before.”

Transforming hospital meal services

Julie Griffiths, Catering Manager at Salford Royal Hospital says “apetito is our preferred catering partner by far. The team has demonstrated its pride for food and passion for service.

“It is comforting to know that as a company apetito is constantly striving to comply with all the Food Standards that affect patients’ nutrition and is still passionate in producing the best food to aid the recovery of our patients. The fact their texture modified meals are award winners is an added bonus.”