15 million and counting World First Ready Meal Tray Recycling leads the way…

15 million and counting

World First Ready Meal Tray Recycling leads the way…

Staggeringly the latest RECOUP Household Plastic Packaging Collection Survey showed that the kerbside collection rate of plastic pots, tubs and trays sits at only 38% with around 47% of all plastic placed into household recycling being sent abroad for processing with uncertain results as to where it truly ends up.

Now, in support of WRAP Recycle Week, leading home meals provider, apetito has announced that its world first closed-loop recycling scheme has hit the 15 million tray mark thanks to engagement from its customers of sister company, Wiltshire Farm Foods, across the UK.

This innovative system is the first ever of its kind on an industrial scale, and, comparatively to local authority collections, guarantees 100% of collected trays are recycled into brand new trays for meals right here in the UK - leaving no room for uncertainty for its customers.

The service involves collecting washed, used trays directly from customers and sending them back to a specialist recycling facility in Durham. Here, trays are recycled into brand new trays which are then distributed back to the company for use.

Lee Sheppard, Director of Corporate Affairs, Policy, and Sustainability at apetito and Wiltshire Farm Foods said:

“As a business, we are proud of the positive environmental efforts we’ve made through this pioneering initiative as well as the high engagement from our customers across the UK, and we hope to keep encouraging even more to take part.

“We know that our customers thoroughly enjoy taking part in this process, and that they feel reassured in the knowledge that they are doing the right thing for the environment to support future generations.”

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