Elevate your dining experience with apetito’s new FREE guide

Elevate your dining experience with apetito's new FREE guide

Elevate your dining experience with apetito's new FREE guide

The significance of creating a great dining experience cannot be overstated. For care home residents, mealtimes hold even more importance, supporting their physical health, mental wellbeing and overall quality of life.

This new FREE guide is packed with useful information and guidance for care homes on how to transform the dining environment. It looks at everything from how to transform everyday dining into a special occasion, to understanding dementia and the dining environment. It also explores and offers insights into how creating the right dining environment can encourage healthy eating habits.

Richard Woodward, General Manager for Care Homes, said the Future of Care Home Catering Guide has been developed to give homes helpful advice and support.

“This really is an essential resource, tailored to help care homes craft a nurturing and enjoyable dining environment. It has been specifically designed to address the unique needs of your residents, including those with dementia.

“We know that one size does not fit all, and our Guide aims to give care homes a wealth of ideas on improving the dining environment that are adaptable to diverse resident needs and budgets.

“Whether you're looking to revamp your current dining space or seeking fresh ideas to enhance your residents' mealtime experience, this guide is an invaluable resource.”

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