Visit apetito’s VIP lounge at UK Care Week to learn how to save money and make efficiencies in the kitchen.

Visit apetito’s VIP lounge at UK Care Week to learn how to save money and make efficiencies in the kitchen. 

It’s time for a Culinary Transformation 

apetito is heading to UK Care Week at the NEC on 20th and 21st March. As a leading meals provider, apetito builds genuine partnerships with care homes across the country; reducing costs, waste and labour requirements, whilst still delivering high-quality meals residents always look forward to.

If you’re a Care Home group, apetito would like to invite you to its VIP Lounge to learn more about how its meals service goes beyond providing great tasting food and can transform your care home catering.

Enjoy sampling popular dishes developed by apetito’s team of in-house chefs and dietitians. You’ll also be able to learn more about its award-winning range of IDDSI compliant texture-modified meals and revolutionary Finger Food Bites, which bring back dignity to dining for residents with dementia.

General Manager of apetito’s care home division, Richard Woodward, explains why you should visit its stand:

“We know every pound counts for care homes, as they navigate the highest cost of living in decades against the backdrop of an ongoing labour crisis within the sector.

“We are looking forward to building on this relationship and ensuring that no good food goes to waste, through regular food collections and redistribution both locally and nationally. “It’s a partnership based on shared values and doing the right thing – food should never be wasted when so many people are living in poverty and need our help”.

“At the core of our service is the belief that food should be enjoyed by everyone. Packed with quality ingredients, its meals are delicious, nutritious and cater to all residents’ dietary needs.

“My team and I are keen to talk to about how we can support them with their catering needs, deliver efficiencies and ensure quality mealtimes. So, if you’re a care group, please do book to have lunch at our lounge and learn more about how we can support you.”

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