WCS Innovation Hub Launch

WCS Innovation Hub Launch

Disruptive innovation is becoming the norm in most industries. This is when we step outside of the box and avoid stale thinking; bringing something completely new to the market or workplace.

apetito itself has recently been through this internally with the introduction of their DevOps team and all the work within the digital transformation; as well as externally with their specialist ranges.

It was therefore very natural for apetito to support their customer, WCS care, as it launched its latest care home Castle Brook. The launch outlined how WCS is now sharing approaches, technology and best practice to help transform care and improve lives with its Innovation Hub.

The Innovation Hub is a unique space full of working mock-ups of the latest technology and concepts that WCS Care already uses or is set to use in future developments.

Some of the highlights include a night-time acoustic monitoring system that automatically alerts staff to unusual sounds so they can respond quickly when needed. Electronic care planning, meaning carers spend more time with residents instead of extensive paperwork, and an advanced nurse call system that alerts staff through handheld devices rather than by disruptive call bells.

Speaking to Ed Russell, WCS Care's Director of Innovation and Delivery, on the launch day he said;

“We've incorporated many of the concepts and technologies in the hub into several our homes; seeing the positive impact they've had on the health and wellbeing of residents.”

However, the Innovation Hub is not just about new technology; it's also promoting creativity in care and investigating new approaches to existing ways of doing things. That’s why apetito’s food and solution play a key part in the innovation.

WCS has stepped away from a central kitchen and dining area. Instead moving the kitchen into the specially designed ‘Households’ within the care home itself.

Each of the three floors has two households on separate wings, featuring community focused kitchen, dining and lounge areas. Each resident’s room connects directly to these areas, allowing for the five-choice daily menu to be cooked within sight and smell. Improving overall dining experience and reigniting the passion for food.

The Innovation Hub is a clear example of how catering within care homes is changing and how food is the central pillar to the residents’ experience and wellbeing.

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