Life in our Care Homes Team

Life in our Care Homes team

The dedicated experts in delivering exceptional food and dining experiences to the elderly

Do you have a passion for marketing or management and are looking for a new and exciting opportunity? We are a dedicated Care Homes teams with a mix of experienced managers, food professionals and graduates who are all are incredibly positive and passionate about what we do – helping to make a real difference to those within Care Homes.

We have strong growth targets and an ambition to double the size of the business within the next few years. As such, we're looking to grow our team, so if you're an ambitious professional get in touch.

Meet our team

Why join apetito:

We genuinely make a real difference

We’re passionate about making a

positive impact for vulnerable people.

We have a fantastic team


If you're looking to join marketing or

operations, the whole care homes

team are here to support you.

We are invested in our employees

We offer incredibly competitive

salaries with fantastic benefits.