At apetito, we make it a priority to ensure we are always at the

forefront of innovation and industry change. The International

Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative or IDDSI, will see the

introduction of a new set of global industry standards which will

change the way texture modified food is classified and create a

common language which can be used for technical, professional and

non-professional uses. It is a potentially major shift for those

responsible for the dietary requirements of people living with


Salmon supremeSalmon supreme

Enhancing Health & Wellbeing

When providing meals to care homes, hospitals and local authorities, it is important to never compromise on taste and nutritional value. At apetito, all our food is developed and prepared by our in-house team of chefs. But they aren’t alone. They are supported by a dedicated team of dietitians, nutritionists and food scientists to ensure all our meals carry the optimal nutritional value, all while catering for dietary requirements and conditions such as dysphagia.

The move to the new IDDSI guidelines will see all our products revised to meet the new requirements and adhere to industry standards. Our aim is to promote eating for health, as we believe food should be enjoyed and savoured. That’s why every one of our meals is prepared with care and packed full of goodness to offer the very best dining experience.

Innovating to Improve Lives

In our industry it is incredibly important to ensure you continue to evolve as a business, identifying trends and improving the patient and resident experience. This is a quality we pride ourselves on; our specialist nutrition team work tirelessly to research and develop innovative products that make a real difference to people living with conditions such as dysphagia. This forward-thinking approach has been acknowledged across the industry, with us receiving the PwC West of England 2018 Business of the Year Innovation award, as well as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise; Innovation in 2016.

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salmon supremesalmon supreme

Award Winning Products

Our award-winning, texture-modified range provides delicious food to our customers, which caters to specific dietary requirements, such as malnutrition, diabetes, and dysphagia. Good nutrition and providing an enjoyable dining experience are central to promoting good health and well-being among our patients and residents, values we hold dear at apetito. Our meals bring dignity back to dining for those with swallowing difficulties. All meals in the range are blended to consistent texture to meet current industry standards for those living with dysphagia.

"It is comforting to know that as a company apetito is constantly striving to comply with all the Food Standards that affect Patients nutrition and is still passionate in producing the best food to aid the recovery of our patients.
The fact their Texture Modified meals are award winners is an added bonus.”

Julie Griffiths, Catering Manager, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Variety & Choice

We produce a wide range of meals and desserts on our varied menu to suit every taste. We offer patients and residents in need of a dysphagia diet choice of 110 products across our textured modified range, enabling them to have variation in delicious, nutritious main courses and desserts to enjoy at meal times without experiencing menu fatigue. From our level 3 soup to our level 6 soft and bite sized, we have a range of food to cater for varying requirements of dysphagia. 

Lunch/dinner chip rangeLunch/dinner chip range

Supporting patients

“Ensuring patients with dysphagia receive extra calories and protein is a daily challenge. So, Purée Petite meals that contain the vital nutrients in smaller portions mean that we can be confident patients get everything they need.”

Clare Wright
Catering Manager, Royal Devon & Exeter Foundation Trust

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