Learn how to manage food risks to protect pupils with apetito’s new guide.

Learn how to manage food risks to protect pupils with apetito’s new guide.

In its new guide, leading meals provider, apetito looks at the extremely important issue of MANAGING FOOD RISKS TO PROTECT PUPILS AND REPUTATION.

This FREE guide is packed with vital information on how schools can deliver tasty, nutritious, and most importantly safe meals.

It examines how schools can manage allergens, explains the difference between ‘made without’ and ‘free from, and looks at the importance of training.

It also explores the impact of Natasha’s Law, how schools can cater for growing trends and what changes can be made to make catering for allergens stress-free.

“This guide is a must read” explains apetito’s Head of Education, Rupert Weber:

“It’s imperative that schools are a safe environment for pupils and that extends to the kitchen. With growing numbers of children with dietary requirements and allergies, it’s vital that schools safely cater for those with special dietary needs.

“In our guide, not only do in-house dietitians give some valuable advice but we’re sharing our knowledge and expertise to help make it easy for catering staff to ensure mealtimes are safe and enjoyable for every single pupil.”

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