TheKnowledge: Issue 1

TheKnowledge: Issue 1

Welcome to TheKnowledge, a series of reports set to create an authoritative compendium of some of the key health & well-being challenges facing society and to demonstrate the importance of specialist nutrition in addressing these issues.

TheKnowledge is free-of-charge and each downloadable report includes contributions from leading professionals in the field, case studies of best-practice, assessments of current standards and guidance, with challenging commentary and calls to action. It offers real insight and a forum for those with an active interest in the health and social care sector.

First in our series is “Dysphagia: The Hard To Swallow Truth,” which examines the complexities of a condition that affects millions of people across all ages and walks of life, yet is still poorly understood.

We welcome any feedback or discussion around the topics covered in “TheKnowledge." Please feel free to email us at

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