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Challenge us to save you time and money whilst offering the reassurance that you’re serving food that will fuel and nourish the young minds in your school.

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School meals that make a real difference

Our flexible and efficient meal service makes mealtimes simple and stress free.

What is your biggest mealtime challenge?

Challenge us to transform your school mealtimes.

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Our pupils, parents and staff love the food. We have pupils trying new foods and flavours, the parents are delighted! The quality of the food is excellent and knowing how easy it is to cater for different dietary requirements, whether it be down to allergens or religious guidelines, it is very reassuring. More and more pupils and parents want to know exactly what food and nutrition they are getting, that is so easy with apetito.

Amanda Somerville - Assistant Head Teacher at Yiewsley School.

Our flexible and efficient meal service - How it works

Our simple solution offers high quality meals everyday, whilst also saving you time and money

Training and support

You’ll be fully trained on how to use our service: from cooking the food to plate presentation and portion control.

Menu planning

Our online order service my apetito allows you to plan menus, review nutritional content and place your order.

Free delivery

Our friendly team will then deliver your meals to you on an agreed day, completely free!


Simply remove the meals you need from the freezer and follow the cooking instructions provided on the lid.

Dinner time

Remove your meals from the oven, check the temperature, and serve!

Ongoing support for you and your school

  • Full training on how to use our service and best practice.​​
  • Regular menu reviews to keep things fresh.​
  • Support to ensure dietary requirements are met.​​
  • Offer support and information for parents.​
School children eating

Here's a taste of what we offer...

Our wide range of flexible dishes are carefully crafted by our in-house chefs to meet all your catering needs.

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Find out how apetito can save you money & become your trusted mealtime partner

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