Flexible school meals menu planning

With over 200 meals to choose from, you have the ability to change your school's menu as often as you like. 


Not only does that ensure pupils stay interested in the food, it also encourages them to try a wide variety of high quality, delicious dishes. 

Fish pieFish pie

We understand the need for flexibility when it comes to your school's menus.

The food we provide caters for all allergens and intolerances too. That means we can remove risk whilst giving you peace of mind that your pupils are tucking into safe, tasty meals.

When you partner with us we naturally support you with menu planning. Our school meals catering service can help you cater for complex needs, taking into consideration special diets.

Our sample school lunch menu


Thinking ahead to the summer, and beyond?

We can also support all your events with ease. That includes providing a great range of food options for sports fixtures, staff meetings, parents evenings and open days.

Our range also gives you the flexibility to tailor menus, provide buffets and offer sustainable takeaway options.

Fish pieFish pie

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